hello there! my name is avery emerson, and you can call me avery, ave, ara, whatever you want really. welcome to avery emerson blog, and scroll down to learn more about me, the blogger; and the blog!

about me

hey there! i’m avery, and i’m the teen behind the blog! i live in the northeast united states- and my favorite season is fall. i’m queer (she/they) and deaf, which i love talking about so you may see those topics come up a bit on my blog! i’m an infp and enneagram type 9w1 (though i might be a 4w5? still don’t know), and i love anything history. i love reading & listening to music, writing, photography, and graphic design (even if i’m not great at it haha)!

i’m a capricorn sun, scorpio moon, and leo rising (kinda shocking, i know), and i hope to be a special ed or history teacher when i’m older. i’m a sophomore junior in high school and I love learning. i love dying my hair (i’ve done pink, purple, and blue) and i’m planning on dying it again soon. i’m kind of tall at 5’8″ (though i don’t consider myself to be), and i love traveling, i’d love to explore the world by myself when i’m older, it’s a big dream of mine!

about the blog

this blog was started in 2017 with the name sparks of ara. after a few years, i felt stuck and wasn’t able to post on a regular basis along with feeling happy with my content. i knew i needed a change, and that’s when avery emerson was born!

tbh, i’ve tried schedules in the past, but they’ve never seemed to work for me, so i’ll probably be posting whenever. typically i post lifestyle, inspirational, and wellness content. if you want to be updated every time i post, be sure to follow the blog to get the latest updates!


10 thoughts on “ABOUT

  1. So happy to have found your blog. Now I won’t miss a thing! You seem lovely and I’m sure we have lots in common. What’s New England like? I always find it amusing when someone lives in a place with a similar name to another country! Haha x

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      1. I live In Sydney, Australia! We’ve got lovely weather here usually although this summer has been odd- not nearly as warm as we’re used to, haha!

        I live in an area called Parramatta which is Sydney’s second biggest city. It’s like a central hub because we have tons of restaurants, schools, a stadium, major shopping centre and many workplaces + recreational facilities. It’s a great place to live for that reason. You never get bored! Unfortunately, my area is undergoing a lot of construction at the moment.

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        1. Wow, I would love to visit Australia someday! I live in Massachusetts which is so popular given it’s small size. I love learning about other countries, even though I haven’t been out of my own. Thank you!

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