Lula Boo Christmas Giveaways, Part 1 | ft. TheHungryJPEG

Hey guys! CHeck out this awesome giveaway from Laura!

Lula Boo

HappyInternational Ninja Day!

I cannot believe how fast Christmas is coming! 😮 I feel like November just began. To celebrate the Christmas season, I’m going to be hosting two giveaways! This first giveaway is sponsored by the TheHungryJPEG, a fantastic site for graphic designers that ishome to the latest premium bundles, fonts, graphics, crafts and many other design resources. I’d like to give a HUGE thanks to TheHungryJPEG for sponsoring this giveaway!

What can I win?

This is the fantastic bundle that I am giving away:

The Massive Clipart Bundle By TheHungryJPEG

This bundle is absolutely INCREDIBLE! Below, you can see an overview of what’s included in this bundle. Altogether, there’s a total of 4200 graphics! 😮


You can click here to get a closer look at the bundle!

How can I win?

This giveaway will have five winners! To enter, you must first make an account on TheHungryJPEG, and then fill out the…

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The Liebster Award

Hey there! Recently, I got nominated to do the Liebster Award. Thank you Autumn for nominating me! And, before we start, please check out her blog!

The Rules

  1. Acknowledge the blog who nominated you for this award.
  2. Answer 11 questions the blogger gave you.
  3. Give 11 random facts about yourself.
  4. Nominate 11 blogs.
  5. Notify them.
  6. Give them 11 questions to answer. 

The Questions-

  1. Which 3 countries do you want to visit & why?

I would say India, Switzerland, and Australia! I also like several other countries, but if I were to take a trip somewhere I’d probably pick one of these places.

2.  What is your favorite movie & why? 

My favorite movie would either be Moana or Descendants (1 & 2). I love all of the songs in Moana, and the movie is just plain awesome. 😀 I just really like the Descendants movies too.

3. If you could invent a flavor of ice-cream what would it be?

Hmm… maybe a chocolate ice cream with raspberries and caramel swirled inside. Or an orange pineapple mango ice cream. XD

  1. 4. What is your favourite dream that you’ve had?

I don’t really remember many dreams I’ve had (which is weird because I do remember them…) but I remember one I had that took place in Disney World. 

5. Do you have a favourite quote? 

Not a specific quote, but I like this one, “When it rains, look for rainbows. When it’s dark, look for stars” and quotes like “Just be you”.

6. What do you think are the best & worst things about our generation?

I would say a good thing about our generation is the acceptance now compared to the 1900s. Now people are getting accepted as who they are, and I like that. 

One of the worst things about our generation is the huge use of technology. People should be spending more time playing games and being outside.

7. What is your favourite colour & why?

Blue is my favorite color, I just enjoy the color, I really do not know why. Orange and purple and close seconds. 😀

8. A memory that makes you smile every time? 

The family trips, and several funny moments with my best friend (a lot of them are our private jokes that nobody would understand). 

9. What is your earliest memory?

My earliest memory is of the day my youngest sister was being born (s at our grandmother’s house, about to leave for the hospital), and me, my mom, and youngest sister on the couch, and she was getting fed while kicking me. XD She was only a couple of months old at the time, so I don’t blame her.

10. The best thing that’s happened to you?

Wow, this is hard! If you don’t go super deep, then enjoyed Disney World, all of my other little trips, and other fun times with my sisters.

But if you go deeper then it would probably have been meeting my best friend. Even 4 1/2 (ish) years later, we’re still BFFs. 😀

11. Describe your dream Christmas?

My dream Christmas? Now, it would be kind of what I always do, but maybe getting something special or having something really special happen, or donuts!! XD

In the future, it would be spending Christmas with my kids (if I have any) and watching them have fun opening the presents.

11 Facts About Me-

  1. I love sushi and cranberry sauce. 
  2. I have glasses
  3. I live up north
  4. I have 2 sisters
  5. I like dolls
  6. I like legos
  7. I enjoy travelling
  8. I hope to start I sentence that does not start with I
  9. I can’t wait for Christmas
  10. My favorite animals are moneys, with dogs and elephants at a close second.
  11. I’m so happy that I started a sentence that didn’t start with I!!

The Nominees-












I think that’s it for nominees! I linked everyone to their latest post so you can check it out and they will get notified! Also, if anyone else wanted to do this tag, go ahead, even if it is weird to just go ahead and do it, but… do it!! XD

The Questions (for you)-

  1. If you could take a trip anywhere, where would you go?
  2. What TV shows do you like watching?
  3. Do you have a favorite holiday?
  4. Is it Pee-can or Peh-cahn, or do you say it differently?
  5. Do you want kids when you are older?
  6. Where do you want to live in the future?
  7. What is your favorite pastime?
  8. Are you an avid reader?
  9. What are 5 random words you think of when looking at the ceiling?
  10. What makes the best house color?
  11. Pickles or olives?
  12. OPTIONAL: *KOTLC fans only* Sokeefe or Fitzphie?

Alright, now we are done! did you like the questions/answers? Do you think I should re-design my blog (same colors)? Is pineapple pizza the best type of pizza out there?*

  • The correct answer is yes. Just kidding… ish.

See ya,

~ Ara

I Wish… // A Poem

I Wish... __ A Poem

Happy December everyone! I’m just stoopping by to share a little poem I wrote with you. I haven’t finished it yet, but let me know what you think! Also, stay tuned for a couple updates at the end of the post. Let’s get started!

I Wish…

I wish,

I wish for the world to be at peace

I wish,

I wish for no more poverty

I wish,

I wish for everybody to have a home

And a loving family

I wish

I, I, I wish


What is wrong

With a little peace

Oh boy do I wish,

There was equality in our world

There’s no way to stay believin’

Without a bit of hate


I wish,

I wish for no more hate

I wish,

I wish we wouldn’t have to worry

For another day

About all the wars, fights, tragesties

That’s all I’ve written! Do you like it? It’s about a wish for peace and equality. 🙂

Now for announcements!

  • I’ve decided not to create a doll blog; but I’m going to be posting a little bit of AG on here, like photostories and some news every once in a while.
  • I’m hoping to start posting again! About one post per week if all goes planned!!
  • I had a great Thanksgiving, we celebrated with a lot of family which was awesome! Plus I got loads of cranberry sauce and dessert! (If you didn’t know, I love cranberry sauce!
  • I had a great Halloween too, my ffriend and sisters and I went out trick-or-treating for farther then we had before! I really want to go trick-or-treating next year, but I’ll be 13 going on 14 (Sound of Music reference!) so I don’t know…
  • I’m planning a collab with Maggie, but I keep on procastinating, so hopefully we’ll see it up soon! (Sorry, Maggie, for not replying!)
  • I’d like to hear what yuou’ve been doing lately, please let me know in the comments!

So, I hope you enjoyed the poem and updates, and I’ll see you soon!

–  Arabella

(soon to have a sign-off)

Break & some news!!

Hi guys! This is going to be a quick post, but I have some news, some good and some bad.

First off, I’m going to be taking a break. I think that I won’t be coming back until the new years, but there is some good news along with that!!

I’m starting (another) doll blog during that time! Once I have it all finished, I’ll give you guys the link so that you can check it out! I’m really excited, hopefully it’ll all work out! I’m not sure if I’ll design it or if I’ll have someone else design it… any recommendations?

So, in a couple days you should see the link come in a post, and you can check it out then 😀

See ya. and I’d love to chat even though I’m not posting!

~ Ara

Meet Ruby!

Hey guys! Before I start, I’d like to say a couple things, so PLEASE read!!

  • I’m going to try to post every week until the end of the year, which I’ll decide if I should keep going or change my posting schedule.
  • I need an extrovert to do a collab with me, if I get more than one who wants to do it I’ll use a random name picker to decide.
  • I’ve changed my blog design! If you’re not already on the site, check it out!

So, a couple months ago (yeah, this is waaaaaay overdue) I returned Luciana and got Ruby. Scroll down to take a look!

her hair’s still in a braid from a couple weeks ago! #proud

Here’s her full face and introduction:



I love this picture!!

Now let’s have Ruby talk:
Hey there! My name is Ruby and I’ve recently joined Arabella’s doll family. Izzi and Lilka are older than me, but Kit is younger. Maggie is even younger, then comes Sophie! Maggie and Sophie are babies, so they don’t count. I am loving it here, I think I might want to post a “Day in the Life” of me so y’all can see what my day is like! Would you like that?
I’ve learned a lot about the family in the 3 months that I’ve been with them. For starters, Izzi is the fashionista. She really likes designing outfits too, and she’s destined to be a fashion designer and work for awesome brands when she grows up. She’s not snooty, though, like some older sisters would be. She’s awesome! Then comes Lila. She’s the sporty one. Lila only does lacrosse and track, but she dresses very sportily. She’s also obsessed with healthy foods and acai bowls. Kit is the creative and playful one, she likes drawing, painting, and is artistic. She tries selling some of her artwork, but nobody usually gives in except for next-door neighbors. XD
As for me, I am also artistic like Kit, but I also enjoy the challenge of language learning. I’m obviously fluent in English, but what other languages do I know? I know the very basics of French and Spanish (just introductory, nothing fluent), a little bit of Japanese and Hindi. Just a little bit of them, but it’s still fun! I also kind of like singing and photography, too. My sisters think I’m a total geek for loving languages, but I heard that it can be super helpful when you are older. That’s why Lila started learning French, haha!

So, yeah, I bought truly me 23, and she is awesome! I totally recommend her to anyone, she’s so pretty! Enough of the ranting. Again, I’d love any extroverts to volunteer to collab with me! See ya,
~ Ara

My Favorite Countries

Untitled design(15).png

Hey y’all! I’m about back from my break (a week early, I couldn’t wait to post this!) and ready as ever! Today I’ve put together a list of countries I’d love to visit and why. I hope you enjoy this post, and comment below about your favorite countries! Enjoy!



The first one on my list is France. I have several reasons for wanting to go to France. Here are a couple:
I Know Some French, so I could practice and immerse.
I Love The Culture, and I’d love to see it “in real life”.
I Love The Food, and having French food in France would be amazing!
Although there’s plenty more reasons I wants to visit France, those are a few! I don’t want to bombard y’all with words. XD



Now I have a couple reasons for wanting to visit Indonesia too. First off, I did a project about Indonesia last year with my BFF and I loved it so much! Also, Indonesia “specializes” in rice and I adore rice, so… it’s kind of meant to be. XD



I don’t have many reasons for liking Switzerland. I saw an episode on Extreme Homes about Switzerland and I was in love. I mean, look at pictures of Switzerland. How does that NOT make you in love with Switzerland? (ok, yeah, I’m obsessed)



Now if you’ve been to Club Cool in Epcot, you’ll know what I mean. I know this may sound absurd, but I think I’m obsessed with Sparletta. In Epcot, there’s a place where you can try drinks from different countries. As soon as I tried Sparletta from Zimbabwe, I was in love. Unfortunately the people who sell this online don’t sell to the USA. So my sisters and I made a plan to take a ship to Zimbabwe and buy as much Sparletta as we can. Plus I guess it would be cool to visit too. Yeah, that’s mega crazy. XD



Again I don’t really know why I like Australia, I just do. The accents are cool, and it just seems like a cool place. That’s enough for me, I guess.



I don’t have many reasons for liking Canada either, but my cousins live there and it sounds really cool. That’s enough for me too. I would love to visit somewhere that speaks French to practice, and maybe Nova Scotia too.

So, those are my favorite countries, for some crazy reasons. Do you want to visit/have visited any of these countries? What countries do you want to visit someday?



PS: I’m thinking of changing my blog design a bit after Thanksgiving to a wintery/Christmassy theme. What do you think?

Untitled design(15).png

Blog Party!!

I know I am on break, but please check this out! 😀

Christina and Camera


Today I decided to host a blog party! I’m super excited about this.

Here’s how it’s going to work:

  1. You comment below with a link to your blog
  2. If you want, I can add your featured image/blog button/header to the page as well. Just say “include my blog button, that is on my blog buttons page, please” or “please include my header (it is on the top of my site when you click the link)”.
  3. I will be adding new links to the page until next Friday. After that, the page will still be up, but I will not be adding new links to it.

And the rules for what you can include:

  1. You can send a link to your own blog, or you can send a link to another website or blog (if it is not your own, I will not take any images from the site). If you…

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