introducing bc

please read this and ask questions! this will go for most of the summer and isn’t going to be every Saturday, etc. It’ll be scattered.


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your name/nickname: 




availability means if you will be away for some of the summer. if you are gone 2 or more weeks, then I’ll give you 4 points to make up for it.

remember, you don’t have to post every week! I’m not going to get mad. you can sign up and only post one week if you’d like/ at the party, there will be things open to people with just one point. so, you can post once and no matter what, you’d be able to do a bunch of things at the party.


so, ask questions and enter away!

~ arabella






Introducing Share-A-Laugh : Homemade Blogging Memes Made By The Blogging Community

another reblog… but yet another urgent one! Lizzy is looking or people to creaqte some blogging memes that she’ll share. Please read! 🙂

Learning to Live : Struggling to Thrive

Hello All!

I know I have already mentioned this in several posts, but here is the official post!! 😀

So, as most of you know, I have been creating and sharing blogging memes for your enjoyment! It started out on a complete whim due to a Pinterest disappointment and they have now turned into my most popular posts! Talk about weird! 😝😂

When I asked in one of my surveys if y’all would like to be included in my homemade blogging memes somehow, I was told by most of you that you wanted to be! Several of you even gave suggestions of how I could do that. Oddly enough, I had already thought of those ideas, but had figured they would be silly. Thanks to all of you though, I am aware that I was the silly one. 😜

So here is how this will work!! 😉


You all…

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Battling Anxiety~A Sad Story

Read this amazing story by AGBeYourself/The Survivor!!! It’s amazing! 🙂

How I Survive Life

Hi, everyone! You probably didn’t know this, but I love writing, so I decided I would share with you a story that I wrote. Usually, I don’t like having others look at my work for some weird reason, but I’m doing this for you guys. 🙂 Here we go. *takes a deep breath* Also, I am not a professional writer, so this is not going to be very good. Please don’t judge me. 😬

Battling Anxiety~Part 1

I tossed and turned as I sobbed as hard as I could.

“You’re stupid, Maddie!” I repeated the saying over and over as if I had practiced it my whole life. My wrist was broken all because of her. Addison Richard. All her fault.

“I am stupid,” I thought. “Stupid to not protect myself,” I closed my eyes and reimagined the short moment, Addison throwing a huge rock at my wrist. It all…

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~what’s in my bag?

what's in my bag_

hello everybody! today I am collabing with Raf and doing a post for harps in one! i’m doing free topic today… or it could be list. 🙂

for harps: i’m dedicating this post to Raf because she and I are collabing together!

1- my bag!

2- glasses case

3+4- waterbottle

5- first pocket

6- lunchbox

7- second pocket

8- delta book

9- ag catalogue

10- Disney book from 2016

11- hat from theater group (can’t show front)

12- last pocket

13- band aids

14- elastic

15- sweatshirt

16- hand lotion

17- bathaccino

those are just some daily things I use in my life. I can use these in my life. the last 3 aren’t in my bag but things I use everyday. 

and there’s 39 points for this one! and thanks to Raf for collabing with me!

Also, I’m really sorry for not blogging for a while. It might be as long as the whole summer… I’m not really sure. I doubt it, but I’ll post here and there, ok? And when school starts I may need some time to adjust… so it’s not a really break, but I’ll post here and there. I’m sooo sorry!! I just had my blog updated and now this?? Well, bye. 🙂 And thanks you to Raff for collabing!


~ Arabella (sorry for not using the new sign out, I’ll use it next post. 🙂 )


guys :) :(

my computer broke and we now have a moniter, but I don’t know when I’ll be at my regular posting sced yet. I’m going to be lacking on posts and replying. 😦 but watch out for a collab soon! ❤ I’m SO SORRY and bye!!

~may faves 🍍

hiya, it’s me, araaaa! i’m back with a soon-to-be-amazing-blog-design (no sneak peaks. that’s for the people in my design team.)

anyways, I’ll be sharing my may faves. which does not include a pineapple. why is that on the title!?!?! may went by faster then april, which is a surprise, because april went by faster then I can imagine.


missing u, olivia cella: okay, I first listened to this song on sunday, but it’s amazing!

havana, camilla cabello: I’ve listened to this song for a while, but I love the good vibe it has.

broken glass, rachel platten: ack I love rachel platten and I just started listening to her next album and found broken glass. defo recommend!


the girls over at costal twins revealed their names- read this post to find out their real names!

Christina did a review on the plum paper- I need to buy it!! her review is here.

a tinker bell’s treasure reviewed evernote- I’m hooked! read it here!


okay. since may went by too fast, I did read, but I sadly don’t have any super good books except for ones I wrote last month, so… I am still a reader, I read a lot, just not much this month. I mean, may went by like a week, so you can’t really blame me. okay, you can. but seriously?!?!?! 


sushi- some of you may know I love sushi and I could go on foreverrrrrr talking about it!

cranberry sauce- why do people hate this!?!?! it’s delish!! XD


uh, how about my new blog design? it’s gonna be amazing- guess the theme!

also, summer’s almost here! I’m so excited!

so, I hope you enjoyed reading! the new blog design and a summer goals post should be up soon. adios! ❤

oh, and a collab with one of my favorite bloggers! *winks*

au revoir,

arabella xx

~ life updates // I’m back!

Hello everybody! I am officially back from my break! I still may be gone a bit until school gets out because a) I wanna work on my blog design, b) I have this thing called SCHOOL! and c) I still need a little break. Donut 🍩 worry, I’m still going to be posting, just not as much. I should have a celebratory post the second school gets out. XD
Yes, so as you may know by the title, I have some updates about me and my life. Hope you enjoy!
So firstly, I may be changing my posts a bit. I am going to still be posting lifestyle, but also a bit more fashion too.
And I might be adding a button page, probably not.
So, first off: School is ending in less then a month!! Yippee!!
Is it just me, or did May go by like a week? I mean, HOW is it the 26th of May right now??
I’ve been obsessed with the show Backstage, but it’s not a scary show. But I still love it! It’s on Netflix. 😀
We took two field trips this week, which was fun!
My blog design is going to be outstanding thanks to my design team!! Any guesses as to what the theme is going to be?
This is getting long and boring, so I’m going to wrap it up now. 😀
I now have two-possible-doll-announcements. Both might not happen, but are possibilities! Any guesses?
So, goodbye! I know this isn’t super exciting, but I’m glad to be kind-of back!
~ Arabella
{I’m making a new sign-off, so for now I’m not using it}