UPDATE: I may post a bit, on the weekends and stuff.

Hi guys! I just got on vacation, and yet I have to take a break. I should be back by mid-September. Sorry it is so long, I have to get ready for school and get settled in first. I will be posting a collab during that time, though. 😀

Thanks for understanding and see ya soon,

~ arabella


my aesthetic

Hi guys! Today I’m sharing my aesthetic- it took me a while to figure it out but now I think I’ve got into the hang of it!

Collage 2018-07-24 18_28_54.jpg

  1. this picture describes me because I love bikes (tbh, I still need training wheels. but still), books, and rustic-anything. If you didn’t know, this was in my dream home post.
  2. this next picture desribes me because I love travelling! Well, I love dreaming about traveling and the world, anyways.
  3. this pic is the world (which I love), plus it’s gold and prewtty. Need I say more?
  4. I love braiding, so this picture totaly describes me!
  5. I love taking photography- and vintage. Again, this defo describes me.
  6. Again, I adore the vintage theme, and flowers. Anything vintage I probably love.
  7. Lastly, this girl has a ponytail- and I wqear them  ALL THE TIME, plus she has aviators. I don’t have a pair of my own (#glasses), but obsess over them.

So, this was a quick and sweet post that I loved doing! I’m not 100% sure that I got the whole aesthetic theme right- but either way, I loved doing it!

~ arabella

ootd #5

heyyy! sorry I haven’t done an ootd in forever! I had to look for a new site to make the outfits on. luckily I found one! anyways, let’s take a look!

i call it “home day” 

first we have a simple but stylish grey shirt- this looks like something I would wear! it’s super pretty!

next I have black legginings! tbh, I have about 5 legginings in my closet. so, iId totally wear this!

I have a simple gold bracelet- I have several of these. you can just buy a bracelet making set at a craft store and use them. or, you could add a bead or two to make it look super pretty!

and what would this outfit be without sneakers? I have two pairs at home- black and pink. they go with any outfit! (tbh, I even wear sneakers with dresses.

what do you think of my outfit? sorry for the bad grammar… I’m being lazy. also, I will be posting this week but next week I’ll be on vacay.

anyways, I’d love to talk! how’s your summer been? or winter if you live in australia. do you think I should actually do caps in the next post?

~ arabella

q & answers // old q & a

hi guys! I was looking back at my old posts and realized that I had a q ‘n’ a I didn’t do, so… here’s the answers!

Vari asked…

Favourite animal?

I have three: dogs, moneys, and elephants. I don’t know why I like them, though!! XD

• Have you ever thought about quitting blogging?

yes, i have. i wasn’t really thinking, though.

•Do you love or hate marmite?

marmite?? i have no cliue what that is. hold on, let me check it out.

apparently it’s brittish… and sounds gross.

•What inspired your blog?

i think i had been reading some other blogs then decided to start my own.

• Do people judge you for blogging , if so how do you cope with that?

not really. i love blogging, and if someone did judge me, i’d just tell them to stop and that I won’t stop because of them.

Rhiana asked…

1. Who is your favourite blogger? (Or three!)

Ack. I’m going to be doing a post about several of my ffavorite bloggers, so I’ll answer it then.
2. What originally inspired you to start blogging?

just like i said above, i had been reading some other blogs and that inspired me to start my own.
3. Favourite accessory?
bracelets. well, i have a couple special ones i love. should i do a post about my jewelery?
4. Do you play an instrument (maybe you’ve already said and I’m just unobservant!)?

no, but i do choir, if that counts??
5. What are your top three most wanted places to travel?!\

the uk, france, and diffferent places around the us.

Gaby asked…

1. Classical or rock music?

classical… i’m not a huge fan of rock.
2. Favorite Pixar movie?

inside out! it’s a great movie that brings back old memories.
3. Do you like Marvel Avenger?

I’ve heard of it, but other then that, i don’t know…
4. Which Avenger is your favorite?

I don’t know about Avengers.

Julia asked…

What is your favorite color, and why?

blue, because it is soothing and reminds me of the ocean. purpl,e because it’s just… pretty. and orange because it’s pretty and soothing.
What’s your earliest memory?

my earliest me memory is of me sitting on the cauch and my mom is feeding my little sister, and she’s kicking me. then i ask my mom why my sister’s kicking me, and she says that my sister is justr a baby.
What’s your least favorite food, and why?

peanut butter, bananas, blue cheese, and cottage cheese. sorry, that was 4…

Maggie asked..

1) What’s a favorite song of yours?

i really like me too, by meghan trainor.

2) What’s your favorite kind of blog post to write? ❤

my favorite post to write is a dream post/ future post. like dream house or bedroom. i get to look for pictures and think about my future.

Natalie asked…

Favorite flavor of ice cream?

cookies ‘n’ cream, black raspberry, mango, etc.

Would you rather lose your blog, or your books?

my blog, because i’m a bookworm and i love my books! then again, i mostly read books from the library and not my bookshelf. so.. i don’t know. still blog, probably.

Best thing blogging has taught you?

besat thing blogging has tought me? maybe how to make graphics. no, i rarely make them. then… how to be fffriendlier to strangers (when I first met you, all of you were strangers to me. now, some of you are like best friends!

Mary asked…

what is one of your craziest dreams?

hmm… to be a baker that doesn’t need a recipe in front of my face.
Which AG doll is one your wish-list?

well, it was luciana, but i got her, so, grace. i’m hoping to get her ofebay.
Why did you start blogging?

again, because i got inspired by other blogs. also, my friend and i made a “blog” that we never posted on.
What do you wanna be when you grow up?

baker, archaeologist, just mom, i don’t know yet.
Do you have any other blogs?

i used to have an ag blog,  but i’m no longer posting on it, and I used to post on a collab blog that’s still in my list of blogs but i haven’t posted there for months.
What is your favorite color for a sock?

Do you like to draw?

i don’t like to draw. i love to draw!! xd
What is your favorite memory that you have?

going to disney world.
What do you like about Blogging?????

i can share my thoughts and have friends that don’t cause drama all the time.

Maelyn asked…

Who was the first doll you wanted to get?

I don’t know. maybe kit, because she’s the first 18” I got.

Taco asked…

1) How Old were you when you got your first doll?

first doll? a couple months to a year. 18”, I was 4.
2) What do you love mostly about your dolls?

i can do their hair and play with them and my sisters with them.
3) Do you have a dollhouse?

not for my AG dolls, but one for my little people dolls.
4) What’s your favorite food?

burritos, ice cream, dessert, mozzerella sticks, clam chowder, etc.
5) On a scale from 1-10, how much do you like photography?

8. I don’;t do it all the time, but I still enjoy it.

Liz asked…

1.) Have you ever traveled out of the country?

sadly, no. but i would love to go to mexico, canada, france, or england! or india. Xd
2.) What is your go-to hairstyle?

ponytail, because it’s probably the only thing I can do with my hair. but i love doing french braids and fishtails in my sister’s hair and my doll’s hair.
3.) Do you like salsa?

yes, i do!

did you agree with any of my answers? should i host a iq&ya? (i question you answer) also, do you like my new blog design? do you like the idea of recreating old posts? too many questions?

~ arabella

~how I see myself as a fictional character

hello everyone! today’s post is inspired by one of my fave bloggers, Arabella! (yes we share the same name!)

today I’m basically going to be sharing myself as a fictional character. so… let’s start!

name: adelaide (funny thing. I want my kid’s names to be sydney and adelaide (aussie?))



Copy of looks.png

likes: art, reading, walking, travelkling, baking, kids

lives in: big farmhouse in Saint Denis, France (outskirts of Paris) or big farmhouse in Massachusetts.

personality: funny, friendly, happy, optomistic, positive, kind.

What did you think? Do you like the pictures? Do you think I should re design my blog yet again?

~ Arabella



I Can’t Bear Partir…

^^^ partir means to leave in French.

I know I said I was leaving, but as much as I have thought about it, I can’t. I can’t finish. So (I am too indecisive!) I am giving up my AG blog, but still posting dolls here. About the private blog, it will have to say goodbye. Just one blog for me, but you can still look at the AG blog.

So, that’s that. Thanks for bearing with me, and look out for a Top Disney Movies post!

~ Arabella

(ps: Ariana is making a sign-off for me! Look out for that!)

pps: Sorry for this. I seriously am too indecisive, so you may blame me. I can’t control my indecisive-ness.

La Fin

^^ In case you guys didn’t know, that means The End in French. And no, this isn’t a story.

Hey guys! Before I start, I’d like to say be trip was awesome and I bought something at American Girl.

And I’d like to say sorry, but…

I’m done with blogging.

I don’t mean it like shut down everything, but I’m not going to be posting anymore. I’ll try to read posts and chat with some of my blogging friends, though. My blogs will stay up incase I come back again.

Please feel free to chat with me, I’d love to talk! 🙂


This just means I’m not posting anymore, but will read other people’s posts. Deal?

Bye! I REALLY don’t want to do this, but I know I should. And prepare for me to come back in a month or two. I know it’ll happen. XD

So PLEASE chat with me!!


Acadia AG
I seriously DO NOT want to push the publish button!!